#011 - Goals With Purpose: 3 Game-Changing Steps to Conquer Procrastination in 2024

Don’t let procrastination get in the way of accomplishing your goals this year. Ready or not 2024 is here! Time is a valuable currency and it progresses like a treadmill, not slowing down or pausing for anyone - no matter how tired we may be or what might be going on in our lives. As such, the time is NOW to pursue your greatest goals and dreams. In this episode of The Passion With Purpose Show I am going to share three steps to help you overcome procrastination and stay focused & resilient as you pursue your goals in 2024 and beyond, no matter how big or how small they might be. In this episode you'll learn: about how procrastination robs us of time, how to rebuild confidence, several steps to stay focused and resilient, and much, much more! [FREE DOWNLOAD] ►► Get access to Part One of my book, Passion With Purpose - The Fire Within: Building a Life of Fulfillment, Destiny, & Impact, for free! →