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Who PWP Serves

Passion With Purpose (PWP) is a leadership development organization specializing in self-leadership and organizational behavior that serves both individuals and communities by addressing and resolving root cause impacts to human performance and organizational behavior. PWP accomplishes its mission through speaking, coaching, and consulting. Passion With Purpose is a faith-inspired organization* but serves both secular and faith-based clients & communities. PWP adapts its approach based on client needs and preferences.


Get inspired with transformative lessons to take your community or organization to the next level.

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Get encouraged with the support and guidance you need to elevate your life and leadership.

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Get empowered with processes, tools, & resources to create highly engaging and organizationally healthy environments.

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The PWP Approach

Inspire. Encourage. Empower.

PWP's approach roots itself in its values of authenticity, integrity, faithfulness, continuous improvement, and collaboration. Whether it's a speaking engagement, coaching session, or consulting engagement, Steven F. Mezzacappa and Passion With Purpose are fully committed and each opportunity is carefully approached as a divine calling and appointment. 

What sets PWP apart is its servant leadership approach to its services and solutions that is evident by its innovative leadership coaching model, The Passion With Purpose Model developed by PWP founder Steven F. Mezzacappa © 2017 introduced and presented in his book Passion With Purpose - The Fire Within: Building a Life of Fulfillment, Destiny, & Impact.

"To keep our passion alive, we must constantly fuel our souls with the things that inspire our mind, encourage our emotions & empower our will." - Steven F. Mezzacappa, Founder & Owner of Passion With Purpose


Authenticity. Embracing humility & vulnerability, PWP keeps it real, raw, and authentic.

Integrity. PWP operates with an unwavering commitment to its character and values while inclusively respecting the values of those it serves.

Faithfulness. As a faith-inspired organization, PWP carries out its operations with a steadfast commitment to Truth, its vision, and those it serves.

Continuous Improvement. In a rapidly changing world, PWP is consistency addressing the question 'How can we improve?' so it can better serve its clients.

Collaboration. Each engagement is a partnership fueled by empathy, compassion, and a mutual interest for success.

The PWP Story

The story and vision of Passion With Purpose (PWP) dates back as early as 2013 when PWP founder Steven F. Mezzacappa was an engineering student at Penn State. Seeing a college culture engulfed by peer pressure and barriers to be fully authentic faced by his peers, Steven dreamed of an organization that would empower students, and all people alike, to be empowered with the tools and resources to be their most authentic selves and bring to fruition a life of fulfillment, destiny, & impact - a life that was unique to their calling.

Throughout the development of Passion With Purpose, Steven encountered significant adversity throughout his college experience and early into his career. Such adversity served as the roadmap for Steven to reimagine his leadership and vision for Passion With Purpose that embraces the origin story of authenticity while igniting a mission to empower people to answer life's greatest callings by not simply following passion, but by building passion. This way, no matter what adversity one encounters while on life's journey, they can meet the adversities of life with a passion that is fireproof.


To build a world where primary motivation, passion, and behavior is ignited, energized, and sustained by truth, integrity, & purpose.


Empower people to unlock human potential and performance by renewing their understanding of human nature so they can skillfully build passion within themselves and others.

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*The Passion With Purpose Organization LLC DBA Passion With Purpose is a faith-inspired business that is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive environment where all employees, customers, and partners are treated with respect and dignity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or any other protected status. We believe in equal opportunity, diversity, and fairness in all aspects of our business.