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Elevate your team's leadership and organizational culture

Some of the most pressing issues facing organizations today are vision, strategy, and most importantly organizational culture in executing day to day operations. Issues such as these come down to leadership, communication, and psychologically safe environments that put people in the best position to thrive.

Traditionally, organizations bring in consultants under the diagnostic model. Leadership teams experience symptoms related to a lapse in performance or culture and then bring in an external consultant to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution for the leadership team to then implement on their own. This may solve problems initially, but this model of consulting risks proving unsustainable in the long run.

Here at Passion With Purpose (PWP), we realize that no one knows your business better than you and that you are the expert in the consulting engagement. PWP's approach to consulting is one of ultimate partnership and collaboration. Instead of diagnosing the problem for you, PWP takes on the role as a thinking partner in empowering your leadership team to self-discover the root causes to the challenges your team is facing. With the root causes known, PWP co-creates an intervention plan with you, so you and your team are in the best position to sustainably succeed long after your engagement with Passion With Purpose.

Get clarity on your organization's vision to unite your team and deliver results.
Implement programs that build your people while you build the future of your organization.
Build an organizational environment that fosters authenticity, camaraderie, and excellence.

Let's Work Together in Empowering Your Team

Steven provides both popular and custom consulting engagements. Consulting engagements may take place virtually or in-person depending on the client's needs. A typical engagement features the following steps:

Step 1
Submit a Consulting Inquiry

Information provided in your inquiry will better help us understand your vision and need.

Step 2
Create an Action Plan

All consulting action plans are co-created with clients to ensure maximum success and full commitment from your team.

Step 3
Get Results

Work directly with Steven in accomplishing the goals co-created from the action plan throughout your consulting engagement.

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