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Passion With Purpose

Empowering individuals and organizations to reach limitless potential through mastery in applied passional intelligence.


The Passion With Purpose Model


Online Courses & Print Media to build up Intellectual thought.


1:1 and Group Coaching to build up emotional persistence.


Equipment of tools & skills to build up willpower fortitude.

Dear Passioneer,

Welcome to Passion With Purpose, An organization driven to inspire, encourage, and empower you to change the world by doing what you have been called to do. 

Each day, we are faced with obstacles that affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that ultimately affect the way we engage with our goals, our work, and most precious relationships. 

Join me on a journey of spiritual growth, emotional intelligence, and leadership development as you live out your callings fueled by a Passion With Purpose.

With Love & Passion,

Steven F. Mezzacappa

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"Steve is one of the greatest service leaders I ever worked with at Penn State! His books are going to inspire so many to greatness!"

Philip Burlingame
Former Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at Penn State

"Passion With Purpose is not another how-to instruction manual. It allows you to rightly apply the Truth right where you are in life's journey. From there, you will be challenged chapter after chapter to learn how God sees you, how God leads you, and most importantly, how God transforms you from the inside out."

Dominic P. Herbst
Founder & President, Restoring Relationships

"I had the pleasure of getting to know fellow “Passioneer” Steven Mezzacappa as a student and a young graduate. In fact, he introduced me to the term Passioneer which I write about in my own book, The Power of Pragmatic Passion. What has always made an impact on me is his genuine passion and energy and belief in his calling to serve God and help others. He has captured all of that energy, passion, and spirit in this book. He is an architect, engineer and Passioneer for God. This book will challenge you to rethink how to live your life and to pursue your Passion with Purpose!"

Joe Battista
Author of The Power of Pragmatic Passion

"Passion With Purpose is a must-read for anyone searching for their life's true meaning. Steven Mezzacappa's personal story serves as an example of how reconnecting with faith can place us on the path to building a life worth living."

Pasqualina Coppola
Author of Becoming an Empowered Patient

"Steven Mezzacappa's clear passion for his faith, while intertwining his own personal story, makes for a compelling and deeply accessible read for people of all backgrounds."

Chris O'Reilly
Author of Seeking Adversity

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