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Oct 09, 2023

We have reached a point in modern history where we have never been more technologically advanced or have had such quick and easy access to information at our fingertips. Despite our progress, we’ve never been more unsatisfied, discontent, and in some instances struggling with hopelessness. And current statistics show this:

  • Thirty percent of workers plan to quit their jobs in the next year, with fifty-six percent seeking new employment in the next twelve months alone [1]. 
  • Only twenty-six percent of leaders create psychologically safe environments for their teams [2]. 
  • Only fifteen percent of employees worldwide feel motivated [3]. 
  • Fifty percent of Gen Z is battling anxiety and depression [4];
  • And globally speaking, anxiety and depression cost the global economy a staggering one trillion dollars annually [5]. 

Many say that there has never been a greater need for leadership in our world than now. And I agree with this sentiment. But is our crisis of leadership the root cause of the challenges we are encountering, or is it just simply the tip of an iceberg? 

The annual investment on leadership development within the United States alone is one-hundred sixty-six billion dollars [6]. In many instances, leadership development is focused on how to lead others or on how to lead organizations. Little attention is paid to how one should lead oneself. And this is where our focus should be. We often get so caught up worrying about what’s going on over here or over there that we forget to lead ourselves. We forget that leadership is a divine calling on all of our lives. Yes, some are called to lead nations, organizations, or small communities. But we are all called and have a responsibility to lead ourselves. In fact, our ability to lead ourselves is a predictor of how well we can lead others, organizations, and the world at large. 

To provide a little more context; it’s not like we don’t try to grow in self-leadership or personal development. People in the United States collectively invest ten point four billion dollars per year on self-improvement [7]. 

But if we are investing all of this time and money in leadership development and self-improvement then why does it still seem like the world is crumbling around us? Why is it that 50% of Gen Zers are struggling with mental health [4] and that only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their work [3]? Why is our world filled with brokenness, pain, and despair? 

Because we aren’t only facing a crisis of leadership. We are also facing a crisis of purpose. You cannot put a price tag on purpose. It’s something we all inherently long for. And too easy it is to find purpose in all the wrong places, and even in the places that appear as good. 

The time has come for leadership development and self-improvement initiatives to be rooted in Truth and timeless principles. 

That’s why I created Passion With Purpose.  To empower people to unlock human potential and performance by renewing their understanding of human nature so they can skillfully build passion within themselves and others.

With a mission such as this I dream daily about a world one day where primary motivation, passion, and behavior is ignited, energized, and sustained by truth, integrity, & purpose. A world where people embrace authenticity and are on fire for who they are and what they do; not simply for their own good, but for the good of others around them. 

This is the call of leadership. This is the vision of Passion With Purpose. 

Life will throw everything at you to burn out your passion, but Passion With Purpose is here to inspire you, encourage you, and empower you, as you take your life and leadership to the next level with a passion that is fireproof. 

Passion With Purpose isn’t just a leadership development organization; it’s a movement. It’s a journey of transformation into becoming the leader you were destined to become. Join us, engage in this mission, and learn more now at


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