#010 - Passion, Persistence, & Purposeful Suffering

Modern society tells us that fulfillment is the absence of suffering, but what if it is suffering that leads to fulfillment. What if we shifted our perspective to see suffering as an opportunity to restore our brokenness and shed light on our true callings in life? In this episode of The Passion With Purpose Show we explore the intersection of passion, purpose, & suffering so we can live a life of purpose with a passion that never burns out, no matter the trials we encounter in life. In this episode you'll learn: powerful mindsets to help you persist during seasons of suffering, insights on suffering from C.S. Lewis and others, how suffering can lead you into a life of purpose, and much, much more! [FREE DOWNLOAD] ►► Get access to Part One of my book, Passion With Purpose - The Fire Within: Building a Life of Fulfillment, Destiny, & Impact, for free! →