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Passion With Purpose - The Fire Within (eBook)

Passion With Purpose - The Fire Within divulges what it means to build a life of fulfillment, destiny, and impact by uncovering the relationship between passion and purpose.

It explores significant lessons from author Steven Mezzacappa’s experiences and sheds light on a new way to look at passion and your relationship with God. 
Passion With Purpose shows us that we all have inherent worth, value, and a call to love others and make a profound difference in our communities and in the world. However, we must earnestly humble ourselves and continually be inspired by the Great Architect, encouraged by the Great Physician, and empowered by the Great Life Coach to fulfill our callings with a passion that is truly ignited, fueled, and sustained by God.

This book addresses the age-old cliche “Follow Your Passion” and replaces it with the mandate to instead “Build Passion.” If you want to grow deeper in your faith and uncover more ways to impact the lives of others, dive into 
Passion With Purpose and ignite The Fire Within.

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What People Are Saying:

Passion With Purpose is a must-read for anyone searching for their life's true meaning. Steven Mezzacappa's personal story serves as an example of how reconnecting with faith can place us on the path to building a life worth living.

Pasqualina Coppola, Author of Becoming an Empowered Patient

Steven Mezzacappa's clear passion for his faith, while intertwining his own personal story, makes for a compelling and deeply accessible read for people of all backgrounds.

Chris O'Reilly, Author of Seeking Adversity